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Nasal congestion: Get your nose back with Noson

Nasal congestion is a common problem, especially during difficult times like winter. Many people are particularly affected by this disorder, due to anatomical malformations in the nose or functional problems.

The main cause of a stuffy nose is inflammation of the thin membrane that lines the inside of the nose, which clogs the sinuses and prevents us from breathing. This, in turn, is caused by the blood vessels expanding, which increases mucus production. As already mentioned, the blame for all of this is an inflammatory process.

Many risk factors can contribute to developing this disorder: smoking, environmental pollution, irritating substances (such as paint), changes in temperature, etc. Even having a deviated septum (which more than 50% of people in the world have) can be key in the origin of the obstruction.

Blocked nose

What is the problem with having nasal congestion?

Once the nose is obstructed, we must use our mouth to breathe. This means that the air gets less moist and less warm, so it begins to dry and irritate our throat. All of this represents a clear risk to our health, not only because we stop breathing properly, but also because we weaken other systems and make them more prone to disease.

The inflammation of our nostrils does not allow the air to circulate properly, and the humidity caused by the increased secretion can also bring about several negative effects that we will discuss in this article.

Other important factors include genetic problems. Some patients, known as “atopics,” inherit some key abnormalities. For example, you suffer from asthma or skin changes. These patients often have problems with nasal congestion, which is due to a condition called atopic rhinitis.

Whatever the cause, the symptoms are very bothersome and can quickly disable us. The nose is not only one of the preferred routes to take in essential air and oxygen, but also an important filter. The more air that passes through the nose, the less likely we are to get sick and develop other annoying complications.

Respiratory System

Symptoms of nasal congestion

Although nasal congestion itself is a symptom, it is usually accompanied by other clinical manifestations that are quite relevant. In addition, congestion - by itself - usually does not tell us much about the etiology; it is necessary to look for other signs to have an idea of what is happening in our body and how we can treat it.

One of the symptoms that frequently accompanies nasal congestion is bleeding, which can be scarce or profuse depending on the patient. Some people are more sensitive than others to developing severe bleeding, which quickly puts their health at risk.

In addition, nasal congestion (especially the inability to filter the air) may affect our ability to sleep, which will eventually trigger insomnia. The first symptom to appear is snoring: the most important sign of possible obstructive sleep apnea.

More snoring means more insomnia. You will wake up tired every single day. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Nasal congestion is one of the most prevalent symptoms of this syndrome, or at least, the unwanted onset.

Since a stuffy nose forces us to breathe through the mouth and our sinuses dry out faster due to the cold air, we are also likely to develop bad breath. All of this is related to the spread of unwanted bacteria. We can also develop hearing problems and begin to hear the sound of our own voice (nasal voice).


How can the Noson nasal dilator help?

Negative effects of nasal congestion

Beyond the symptoms we have mentioned in this article, there are complications that come with this disorder and the associated symptoms. The most important one is related to oxygen. Beyond the sleep apnea caused by this disorder, there are other side effects that affect us throughout the day. The lack of oxygen (or at least low concentrations) prevents our metabolism from working naturally.

This means that most of the day, we will be tired or exhausted, without knowing what is going on with our body. Let's remember that oxygen is like the gasoline needed for your brain to function, beyond glucose and other nutrients. The less oxygen we have, the slower our neural processes are.

On the other hand, our body's energy also seems to decrease. Oxygen is part of the energy process. As we mentioned, it is also the fuel for other important organs, such as the brain. If our liver does not receive the proper amount of fuel, it will not be able to synthesize the glucose needed to meet the fasting demands. 

All this could even result in long periods of headache, nausea, dizziness, etc. A long list of symptoms triggered by a single factor: nasal congestion. A clear nose can be the window out of all these problems.

Another complication that comes from nasal congestion is recurrent illness. Mucus, which is abundant when we are congested, can be both good and bad, depending on the case. Since there is not enough fluid in our throat (because the cold air, coming from the mouth, dries everything out) the mucous membrane dries out and starts to work inappropriately.

Our tonsils, for example, become a perfect area for the colonization of bacteria, something that would not happen if air is properly filtered and heated by our nose. This type of illness puts our health at unnecessary risk.

effects of nasal congestion

But... Why Noson?

Noson is a nasal dilator that aims to clear your nasal congestion, but also has other benefits that are particularly beneficial to your health. Of the solutions available on the market, Noson has a larger area of effect and a greater effect on the entire body. It is undoubtedly the most viable alternative for people suffering from a chronically nasal congestion.

Among the clear benefits of Noson is that it can improve physical and mental performance, while enhancing our memory and concentration. These effects are based primarily on the increase of oxygen concentration in our blood plasma.

Oxygen is a natural accelerator of our body functions; as we have mentioned before, it is a basic and necessary substrate for the human body to function properly. Increasing the effective concentrations of this molecule represents a clear benefit to our body, especially when we have a marked deficit (as in the case of nasal congestion).

Sleep quality and ease of sleeping is also improved. By improving the flow of air through our nostrils, secondary complications - such as apnea - are less likely to occur. More sleep at night means a day with more energy and no drowsiness.

Finally, Noson has a major advantage over medication: the basic functions of the nose are not affected by the application. With this device, we can maintain our sense of smell and the protective function of our nostrils, which is extremely important when regenerating.

Noson nasal dilator in box

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, we want to compare Noson with other alternatives. Many of the medications (nasal sprays) currently available on the market contain, for example, phenylephrine. This molecule is completely contraindicated in patients with high blood pressure and has dangerous side effects, such as the development of chronic high blood pressure.

Other nasal drops are based on steroid formulas, a very effective drug that cannot be used for long periods. Unlike Noson, those who take steroids can only do so for a maximum of 21 days, as there is a risk of developing serious complications, such as immunosuppression (in which the immune system is switched off and does not work).

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