Noson® PREMIUM - Nasal dilator (one size fits all)

Noson® Premium gently spreads the nostrils from the inside and thus improves nasal breathing.

Areas of application are:

  • During sporting activity
  • At night while sleeping
  • Can minimize snoring
  • For hay fever and a blocked nose
  • Nose congestion during pregnancy
  • During the flight or when traveling
  • When promoting the ability to concentrate


«The all-rounder»

Size: One size fits all


  • Better grip thanks to the "cap" on the bridge of the nose.
  • Even pressure distribution on the whole bridge of the nose.
  • Long-lasting effect due to the longer nose pads.
  • Ideal for sleeping, working or exercising

Recommended duration of use

  • Applicable over the day and night. (Maximum eight hours in a row)

The height and position of the nasion bar guarantee optimum comfort and a secure hold.
Nasal dilators reduce nasal resistance by an average of 27% and provide with a safe airway clearance, according to clinical studies.

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