Noson® Nasal dilator Reseller

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Why is Noson an added value for your customers?

Noson can be an alternative to nasal spray and nasal plasters. With the simple self-test (Cottle maneuver) that your customer can carry out on site, he can see immediately whether a Noson could have an effect on him. Since the ENT doctors recommend noson and our flyer says that noson products are available in every pharmacy or drugstore, we will help you bring customers to your store.    
Noson spreads the nostrils to get better air through the nose. Since patients who breathe in through their mouths most nights accumulate more tartar and bacteria and the oral cavity dries out, noson can help to promote nasal breathing and thus keep the mouth closed. Therefore, noson can be a real upsale in your practice.

We have different helmet wearers who wear Noson under the helmet so that more air can get through the nose. The driver breathes deeper and more calmly and can therefore concentrate better. Since we have also equipped MotoGP & Motocross riders with noson, the target group of customers in your shop is exactly right.

Due to the improved nasal breathing, cyclists are more resilient and more efficient. In winter or on cold training days, the lungs are also protected because the air is warmed and filtered through nasal breathing. Many professional athletes and semi-professionals rely on noson, which is why it is a must-have device in your shop.
Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. You learn this in every sport. But what if nasal breathing doesn't work properly? Noson can be used at any time and immediately spreads the nostrils. For more comfortable jogging and optimal breathing. Noson helps to promote nasal breathing and to protect the lungs from cold air during cold training days. A little helper with a big effect for your customers.
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