Do you or your partner snore? Ciao sofa, hello bedroom!

Every Thursday we offer you a snoring consultation, which takes place by the Noson snoring expert team in their own practice at the Seefeld-Zurich location.

The 45-minute consultation * including anamnesis costs only CHF 90.- and can be booked online.

For people who cannot come to Zurich, we offer 30-minute online snoring advice via video call. This costs CHF 60 and can be done from anywhere in the world. The consultation takes place in German or optionally in English.

* We also offer consultations in various ENT practices or partner pharmacies / drugstores. Locations and prices may vary depending on the location and scope of services.

Whether ENT specialist or pneumologist - first of all, the cause of the snoring should be clarified. If you have sleep apnea syndrome, you should get urgent treatment. Once this has been clarified and can be ruled out, you are free to consider and implement the most suitable and most efficient method. Surgical interventions are associated with risks and should be considered as the last alternative. Your personal needs are always in the foreground for us during the whole process and we lead you promptly and effectively to your desired goal.

Snoring - cause and treatment

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