Noson® Ear Protect - ear protection & mask holder - ear muffs

Noson® Ear Protect - ear protection & mask holder


«Earmuffs and mask holder in one»

The Noson Ear Protect is an ear-hook extender for face masks. Earache caused by frequent or long wear is now a thing of the past. Since the Noson Ear Protect ear strap extension also serves as a holder when the mask is not in use, you can never misplace, lose or forget the mask again. Practical in everyday life and simply ingenious due to the simple handling.

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"No more sore ears because of face masks"

Normal ear strap causes pain in the ears after prolonged use. This ear strap accessory is designed to solve the inconvenience of wearing it. It is suitable for everyday use at home or at work and is particularly practical for people who have to wear the mask for long periods of time every day.


Size: One size fits all

Colours: Black or white

Quantity number: 1 piece



  • The adjustable buckle of the Noson Ear Protects is suitable for every head size.
  • Relieves your ears of the mask straps and prevents pain in the ears.
  • Never forget, lose or misplace the face mask again thanks to the holder function.
  • Enables a better hold and prevents the mask from slipping away.
  • Not only does it improve the fit of your face mask, it also improves the seal around your nose and mouth.
  • Perfect in combination with the Noson Easy Breathe for more air under the mask.



1. Attach the loops of the Noson Ear Protect to the elastic straps of the face mask.

Noson Ear Protect Step 1


2. Simply slide the Noson Ear Protect over your head and wear it like a necklace.

Noson Ear Protect Step 2

3. The mask is now in the rest position and is ready for use at any time.

4. Before use, position the mask in the desired position.

Noson Ear Protect Step 4


5. Hold the Noson Ear Protect ear strap extension with both hands so that the mask cannot accidentally cover up.

Noson Ear Protect Step 5


6. Loosen one of the hands holding the mask in place to tighten the adjustable buckle.

Noson Ear Protect Step 6

7. The mask is removed in reverse order.

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