Noson® protrusion splint - orthosis snoring and apnea against sleep apnea and snoring - Noson

Noson® protrusion splint - orthosis snoring and apnea


The Noson mandibular advancement splint helps with snoring, sleep apnea and CPAP intolerant cases. it also works in combination with a CPAP-therapy and/or after a surgery of the upper respiratory tract.

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Do you or your partner have snoring problems or even can't breathe at all at times?
What do you do now? Together with selected partners, we at Noson AG help you find a professional alternative for you.
We are specialized in the field (snoring and sleep apnea) and work very close to the patient as well as to the specialists.

Manufacturing time: 4 weeks after your dental impressions have been taken.


Mandibular Advancement Device - Against sleep apnea and snoring


- Easy to use
- Convenient
- Better compliance compared to CPAP
- Small and portable
- Alternative for CPAP during the journey
- Non-invasive treatment as opposed to surgery
- Stops teeth grinding at night

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