Noson Noseclamp helps against snoring - No more nasal patch stips!

Noson® COMFORT - nasal dilator (for small noses)


The Noson® Comfort nasal spreader helps against snoring. The nose clip is a real alternative to nasal plasters, which are also known as nose strips.

Areas of application are:

  • At night while sleeping
  • Can minimize snoring
  • For hay fever and a blocked nose
  • Nose congestion during pregnancy
  • During the flight or when traveling
  • When promoting the ability to concentrate

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«For a good night's sleep»

The Noson Comfort nose spreader, can help with problems of snoring and is a proven remedy for it. The nose clip is a real alternative to the commercial nose plasters which are popularly referred to as nose strips.

Size: For small noses (up to a maximum of size S)


Noson measuring card


Download Noson measuring card


Download the measurement card and cut it out by hand.



  • Narrow nose bridge for an optimal comfort while wearing it in all kinds of everyday situations where more air is needed and a high concentration is required.
  • «Small but effective»

Recommended duration of use

  • As long as desired. (Maximum eight hours per day)

Noson® COMFORT was specially developed for people with difficulty in breathing at night, and should help you lead a life free of complaints.

Nasal dilators reduce nasal resistance by an average of 27% according to clinical studies. In further studies, not only did they provide subjectively immediate relief of nasal breathing, they also reduced the number of nightly wake-up reactions, improved sleep oxygenation, increased sleep quality, reduced snoring, and thus improved the overall quality of life.

The cause of the snoring sound lies in the soft palate, which starts to vibrate due to the obstruction of the airway. This can be exacerbated by a disability in nasal breathing. The frequency of snoring increases with age; Between the ages of 41 and 65, about 60% of men and 40% of women occasionally snore. About 95% of sleep apnea patients snore.


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