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Noson® Easy Breathe - mask spacers


Better air under the mask!

Since the onset of pandemics, masks have become mandatory in many countries around the world. It is uncomfortable and usually uncomfortable to wear such a mouth and nose protection, especially if you have to wear it for a long period of time. For this reason, Noson has made it its business to develop solutions to make protective masks more comfortable to wear.

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World's first mask holder with nano-copper additive

The antibacterial effect is scientifically validated and eliminates more than 99,99% of fungi, viruses, bacteria and a wide range of microorganisms. 100% Swiss Made and manufactured using the latest 3D printing process at Noson.


Size: One size fits all



  • Eliminates 99.99% viruses, fungi and bacteria on the mask holder within 24 hours
  • They make breathing easier by preventing the mask from direct contact with the skin (nose).
  • They make speaking easier and make it easier for your counterpart to understand.
  • They prevent face masks from being soiled by make-up and keep the day look from smearing.
  • People who wear glasses know how awkward it is to wear a mask. Mask holders prevent the glasses from constantly fogging up and make them more comfortable to wear.
  • They prevent skin problems that arise from wearing a mask. This includes in particular mask-associated acne, also known as maskne (acne caused by wearing a face mask).


Recommended duration of use

  • As long as you want. (A maximum of eight hours per day recommended)

Noson Mask Braket

Noson Mask Braket Noson Mask Braket


Copper and nano-copper inhibits the replication and spreading abilities of SARS-CoV [1], influenza [2] and other respiratory viruses, has a high antimicrobial (antiviral and antibacterial) potential and, since copper can cause viruses such as SARS-like and SARS- Can inactivate Cov4, Influenzavirus5, H1N1, and eliminate dangerous bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Listeria, etc. [3], after a short exposure period, PLACTIVE® and Mdflex® from Copper3D could be an effective and inexpensive complementary strategy to prevent the transmission of various Reduce infectious diseases by limiting nosocomial transmission of infections.



These graphs show the results of studies carried out by microbiological laboratories in the USA, Chile and Dubai [4,5,6]. These studies confirm that the Colony Forming Units (CFU) of Staphylococcus aureus MRSA and Escherichia coli DH5α and other common microbes drop abruptly during the first few minutes in contact with PLACTIVE and the elimination of the bacterial strains continues until after 24 hours an elimination of> 99.991 Reach TP1T.


Dr. Claudio Soto, Medical Director of Copper3D, said: “Laboratory validations with viruses have a much higher level of complexity due to the extra safety precautions that must be put in place, the type of equipment and the highly specialized staff to perform these types of tests, and which Laboratories prepared for this type of study are not common because they require a high level of biosafety ”.
That is why Copper3D has chosen the Pasteur Institute (Lille, France) to carry out this new test against the human coronavirus.
Dr. Regarding this new validation, Soto mentions: “As a company, we always strive to ensure that our materials meet the highest industry standards, and that is why we have decided to reduce the antiviral capacity of the additive in all Copper3D products (additive Cuprionix®) against the human coronavirus -Test strain 229E (HCoV-229E) according to the EN14476 + A2 standard, with so far exceptional results ”.

Among the results observed, the additive shows a very high antiviral effectiveness already in the first 30 seconds, which is able to lower the viral load of the coronavirus by + 99.9% in less than an hour.
This process is very fast and begins in the first 30 seconds with a rapid decrease in viral load by 60.189% (log 0.4), a reduction by 90% (log 1) after 5 minutes until a plateau near 60 Minutes with a reduction in viral load of 99.975% is achieved (log 3.6).
On the other hand, and equally important, is the fact that this additive did not show any level of cytotoxicity in this test, so that we can conclude that it is also safe for use in applications that are in contact with patients or animals.

COVID Coronavirus Reduction in Time



1. Han J, Chen L, Duan S, Yang Q, Yang M, Gao C, et al. Efficient and quick inactivation of SARS, coronavirus and other microbes exposed to the surfaces of some metal catalysts. Biomed Environ Sci BES, 2005.
2. Borkow G, Zhou SS, Page T, Gabbay J. A novel anti-influenza copper oxide containing respiratory face mask. PloS One. June 25, 2010; 5 (6): e11295.
3. Copper3D Inc. laboratory tests.
4. SITU Biosciences Microbiology Laboratory, USA.
5. Microbiology Laboratory of Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile.
6. Al Hoty Stanger Laboratories, Dubai

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