Noson® Nasal Dilator

Provides with excellent airflow for an optimal nasal breathing.

Why Noson®?


Oxygen is the accelerator of our bodily functions.

Noson® gently expands the nostrils from within and improving nasal breathing.
With increased oxygen saturation into the blood, the body burns: fats, carbohydrates and proteins into carbon dioxide and water way more effectively!
Due to the improved combustion, more energy is supplied to the body,
which is essential for the metabolism and all of the cells of the body.

More efficient during sports due to optimised oxygen supply

Increase in physical and mental performance

Increased blood oxygen value

Improvement of sleep quality

Improvement of concentration and memory

The ergonomic design ensures a secure fit during sports

Gentle spreading of the nostrils

Strengthening of the immune system

Quick and easy application - immediately ready for use!

Noson Nasal Dilator
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"Noson® opens up my nostrils and stabilizes them. I get at least 50% more air. Breathing through the mouth is hardly necessary anymore. I no longer bike without Noson® and I always go back when I forget it. I can only recommend Noson® to all endurance athletes who have a narrow nose. With Noson® you will achieve an enormous improvement in nasal breathing. Indeed the best nasal dilator. Thanks again for the Noson®!"

"The best nasal dilator on the market"

Noson Thomas Litscher

Thomas Litscher - Former Junior and U23 World Champion

Our customers are thrilled!

Dag Störmer
Dag Störmer
Vice European Champion 2019 European Championship Olympic Distance Weert / NL
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I have tried the Nason Nasal Dilator in sports activities of the triathlon. Especially for people who breathe heavily through the nose, it opens up the supply of air. You can feel right away that there's more air coming in through the nose. This facilitates breathing during sports activities, especially at strenuous running intervals I have found it to be very effective. Having it on is easy. After the correct insertion, you do not even notice it anymore and there is no slippage and no hindrance from wearing it. Overall, a very pleasant thing to fully retrieve your performance in training or competition and achieve your goals.
Lukas Flückiger
Lukas Flückiger
Vice World Champion Cross-Country 2012 Saalfeld
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I was looking for an alternative to nose strips. With Noson you get a product that is really effective and I can recommend it to everyone. The difference is immediately noticeable through a better nasal air supply and an enourmous reduction of mouth breathing. I am very satisfied with the Noson. The included transport box proved to be very useful and practical.
Thomas Litscher
Thomas Litscher
UCI - Team KMC EKOI Orbea MTB Cross Country
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"Whenever I use the Noson®, I immediately get more air. The improved nasal breathing makes the muscles acidulate less quickly and I feel more powerful and resilient."
Satisfied customers
  • Be sure to look and try

  • It's amazing how much better I can breathe when I put on the nose dilator. It doesn't make you prettier, but it does make you more vital through more air. 🙂 A product that is definitely worthwhile. Thank you!

  • Great product. I can concentrate better with it.

  • I am very satisfied 👍 top premium nasal dilator

  • Great team, great product, I am absolutely convinced.

  • My wife has been sleeping much better since I got her. Top

Highest quality standards

Noson Swiss Made

Preservation of the protective and the smelling functions

The nasal mucosa is not impaired in its protective and smelling function, thanks to the odorless silicone pads. The respiratory air is still heated and the dry air humidified. The nose hairs and the cilia can still catch coarse and fine foreign particles. The nasal secretion is transported unrestrictedly by the movement of the cilia in the direction of the throat.

Safe wearing comfort and perfect fit


The flexible spring wire construction, which is available in three sizes, can be optimally adapted to each individual nose shape. It gives the wearer great security during physical activity and during sleep.The soft silicone pads adapt to the shape of the nasal cavity very well and ensure optimal distribution of pressure. They also ensure that the Noson® fits well intranasally and does not lose its grip.


Variants and prices
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